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With Pinwheel®, your school’s athletic calendar and activity calendar create the core of an interactive service allowing faculty, staff, parents, and students access to all the information they want, all while allowing you the ability to manage the details you need to make your events run smoothly.

This is This is Pinwheel


Pinwheel® is your activity scheduling solution.

Seamlessly schedule all the events occurring throughout the busy school year. You will find that scheduling dances, student council meetings, performances, and PTA fundraisers is a breeze with Pinwheel®. You can quickly see facility availability, make a reservation, and automatically give your Facility folks a heads up. Then, you let Pinwheel® communicate the event details directly with the people who need to know and want to know.

You will also be able to monitor hall traffic with the Hall Pass feature and update your handbook throughout the year if necessary.

You can customize Pinwheel® for your school by adding your choice of quote theme, school colors, images, and logos along with your school events and handbook.

Don’t forget that Pinwheel® accounts for your students and faculty can be created and synced automatically from your student management/information system so there’s no extra work for you.


Athletic Directors

Pinwheel® is your athletics scheduler.

In many schools, the Athletics and Main Office calendars are two separate, stand-alone entities. We understand the need for two scheduling systems; fortunately Pinwheel® is able to combine the results of the unique systems into a single public facing calendar source for your school.

Our athletic software is born from a time-tested, fully-functioning solution for your athletic director.

It’s a web-based solution that can import everything from your current athletic software; from contracts with other schools and officials, to transportation and worker coordination.

Pinwheel’s athletic software is a best-in-class solution Athletic Directors appreciate.


Pinwheel® replaces your printed datebook.

Pinwheel® is specially designed for schools going to a 1-to-1 computing environment.

All the printed datebook customization and functionality is matched in Pinwheel®. You will continue to sharpen your time management skills by recording assignments and planning ahead for important projects.



You can enter assignments directly on to student calendars and students can get reminders for all their upcoming classroom responsibilities. Plus, parents can choose to track the assignments as well. Miss a class due to illness or appointment? Students and parents can figure out what they missed without adding work to your already busy day.


Coaches can now communicate easily and conveniently to their teams and their parents. They will be able to proactively communicate practice times, game times and any schedule changes or announcements via email and text message so everyone stays on the same page.



We're sure you will appreciate the convenience of a single source for all the information you want to know in a simple, intuitive system. You will be able to stay on top of everything that your kids are up to, and can receive the same homework and test reminders … as well as practice and game updates - as they do.

Pinwheel® FAQs

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